The Photographic Federation

of Long Island


PFLI COMPETITION RULES AND GUIDELINES                            Revised as of SEPTEMBER, 1, 2013

The following Competition Rules are adopted to guide the operation of the PFLI Competition only. They are not intended to direct the PFLI clubs in the operation of their own competitions. The PFLI accepts whatever the member clubs submit to the monthly PFLI competitions provided the work conforms to the following specific conditions.


(1) SCHEDULE - Regular Season Competitions are scheduled on the second Friday of each month from October through May. Changes due to Holidays and meeting room conflicts are listed on the PFLI Web Page WWW.PFLIONLINE.COM. The competitions begin at 7:30 PM promptly.

(2) LATE ENTRIES - All prints must be submitted by 7:15 PM. No late entries will be accepted! All digital entries must be received by the digital coordinator via e-mail by the Wednesday prior to the monthly meeting.

(3) ELIGIBILITY - All photos submitted must be created by a PFLI club member who currently resides on Long Island or in the New York Metropolitan Area. Any member who submits work during the current season and moves out of this area (but still remains a member of their club) may continue to submit work to the PFLI for the remainder of that season only.

(4) CATEGORIES - There will be four categories of competition as follows;

(a) Black & White Prints - shall be either

1- conventional monochromatic Black and White prints, or

2. conventional Black and White prints toned with a single

overall color (i.e. sepia) or

3. conventional Black and White prints colored with a single

color in specific areas. (i.e. an owl with the eyes colored yellow).

(b) Color Prints - shall be either

1. conventional Color Prints or

2. Black and White Prints colored with more than one color.

(c) Digital Images . shall be Color or Black or White images in electronic format.

(d) Creative Digital Images . shall be Color or Black and White images in electronic format.

1- Creative images are the maker.s artistic interpretations of their original photograph(s).

2- Complete abstract images which no longer resemble any portion of the original photographic

subject, or incorporate significant graphic designs (clip art, etc.), should not be submitted.

3- Clubs will determine how to select creative images for submission and how to decide which

digital category best fits an image.

(e) All work must originally be created PHOTOGRAPHICALLY by the maker. This means by chemically processed film or a digital camera. Images which did not use light sensitive materials or devices to begin with are not photographs and are not permitted (you cannot enter a purely computer generated image just as you cannot enter an oil or watercolor painting). All work submitted must be the maker’s original photograph (or in the case of montages the makers original photographs.)  The work may be altered by any means, including the use of a computer, as long as the final result is still a photographic print or digital image. Copies of other two dimensional works are not permitted unless the work is purely incidental to your composition. All modifications to an image must be made by, or under the direct supervision and control of, the maker.

(5) IDENTICAL IMAGES . You cannot enter the same image more than once. (but see rule 14). You

cannot enter the same image in more than one category such as a color print and a BW print and a

digital image. You cannot enter a color print and convert it to a BW print and enter it again. You

cannot enter a BW print and then either tone or hand color it and enter it again. Two images are

considered the same if the subject matter and the composition (vantage point, lens focal length,

etc) and lighting are substantially identical.

(6) CLASSES - There will be two classes in the Color Print, Black and White Print and Digital Image

categories, Class .B. (beginners) and Class .A. (advanced). The Creative Image category will consist

of a single class. Any maker receiving three or more scores of 24 points, or more, in a "B" Class, in

any one season, must compete in the .A. class in that category at the PFLI in subsequent seasons.

Makers may elect to compete in the .A. category at the PFLI without attaining three 24.s however

once in the .A. category all makers must remain in that category forever. Each club determines the

class for each of its members at the club competition level. Photographs entered in the wrong class

at PFLI are subject to disqualification.

(7) ONE CLASS PER CATEGORY - Each maker must compete in only one class per category (i.e. you

cannot compete in color prints .A. and color prints .B. but you may compete any combination of

color prints, digital images, creative digital images and B&W prints either .A. or .B..

(8) MULTI-CLUB MEMBERSHIP - In cases of multi-club membership, you cannot compete in a given

category from both clubs.

(9) MID-SEASON CLASS CHANGES - No changes in class will occur during the competition season.

(Attaining three 24’s in the "B" class does not move you up to "A" until the start of the next season.)

If an error occurs (for example a person starts to compete in class .B. when they should have been

in class .A. or vice versa) the error will be corrected for future competitions, however the past

offending photographs may be disqualified.

(10) MAXIMUM ENTRIES PER CLUB - Clubs may enter up to 15 images per category and class. The entries must be in slates of 5 (i.e. if you are entering 8 images in BWB there would be 5 in the first slate, designated A, B, C, D, and E and 3 in the second slate designated F, G and H.) Only 1 image per maker is allowed UNLESS you are entering only 1 slate. Then the maximum number of images per maker is 2.

(11) ENTRY FORMS - Regardless of the number of print entries submitted to the PFLI competition, a PFLI Print entry form , in duplicate, must be submitted for each category/class. Each form must be

completed in its entirety including club name, club I.D. number, date, class, category, maker’s name

and photo title or description. Club’s entering up to five pieces of work must use letter designations

.A. through .E. for each entry. Clubs submitting up to ten pieces of work must fill out a separate

form and continue the letter sequence, .F. through .J.. Clubs entering up to fifteen pieces must

submit a third form and continue with the sequence .K. through .O.. After scoring, one copy of the

form will be returned to the club while the duplicate will be retained by the Competition

Chairperson. No entry forms are required for the digital competitions.

The Digital Images file names must conform to the following format.



xx = the club number

codename = the makers code name with a maximum of 9 characters

yz = where y is the class (B for beginner, A for advanced and

C for Creative) and z is the slate designation, A through O)

title = anything up to 36 characters.

NO spaces are permitted except in the title

(12) JUDGES - There will be three judges per competition. Judges may be from within a member club

or unaffiliated. Member judges must be class "A. workers in at least one category. Monthly

competition judges will not be compensated.

(13) SCORING - Each of the judges will score from 5 to 9 points. Entries from a judge’s own club will be

scored by averaging the other two judges’ scores.

(14) RE-SUBMITTALS - Work receiving 21 points or higher may not be submitted in any future regular

monthly competition. Work receiving less than 21 points may be resubmitted one additional time.

(15) WORK MUST BE CURRENT - All work submitted to the PFLI must have been exhibited at the club

level during the current season with one exception. Any work that was exhibited at the club after

the last PFLI regular season competition in May may be submitted during the following PFLI season

at the discretion of the club or maker. Clubs may elect a different selection process for Creative

images if they choose (there does not have to be a formal exhibition or competition at the club).

(16) MAKE-UPS - Any club that completely misses a competition category/class is entitled to submit a

make-up entry. Print make-ups must be so marked on the entry forms and must include the month

being made-up. In addition the words .Make Up. must be noted on each piece of work. No more

than TWO Make-Ups are permitted in a given season. Partial make-ups are not allowed in regard

to the number of pieces of work in a given category/class (if a club submits only three pieces

of work as a make-up, that completes the make-up. You may not put in two more pieces of work at

a subsequent competition). Category/class however may be split (a club may choose to make-up

their digital images on one night and their prints on a subsequent evening).  Digital image make-ups are designated by replacing the the "c" in the file name with the competition month being made up where 1 = Oct, 2 = Nov, etc. (example: suppose the image c27-johnsmith-ad-bird.jpg is being submitted in January as a makeup for December. December is competition number 3 so the image would be renamed as 327-johnsmith-ad-bird.jpg)

(17) IMAGE SIZES - All prints must be mounted and range in size from a minimum of 5. by 7. to a

maximum of 16. by 20.. The maximum mount size is 16. by 20..

Digital images must have a maximum of 750 pixels in the longest dimension at 72 PPI in SRGB color


(18) PRINT IDENTIFICATION - All prints must have a PFLI label, fully filled out, near the top-right corner on the back of the print. A prominent arrow indicating the "top" of the print should be included. Prints will be shown as marked. If there is no arrow the label will determine the orientation.

(19) IMPROPER MOUNTING - No prints are to be mounted in frames, on wood, or in any way so as to damage other prints on either side when placed in a stack for exhibiting at the PFLI. This specifically applies to glue or sticky or rough tape used for the purpose of mounting either the print or the label. Prints so mounted may be rejected at the sole discretion of the Competition Committee.

(20) LIABILITY - The PFLI is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen prints.

(21) AWARDS - Each maker will receive a PFLI certificate listing all award winning images (23 points and up) and the conclusion of the season. In addition all images scoring 27 points will receive a PFLI



(1) ELIGIBILITY - Any work that receives 23 points or higher in any regular monthly PFLI competition is

eligible to be entered in the Leonard Victor Memorial Competition.

(2) NUMBER OF ENTRIES - Each worker may submit up to three (3) pieces per category. (i.e. 3 CPA, 3 BWA, etc)

(3) AWARDS - There will be a first, second and third place plaque award in each category and class.

(4) CATERGORIES . The categories and classes are CPA, BWA, DPA, CPB, BWB, DPB and CREATIVE (A and B combined). In addition there are 3 special categories.PORTRAITS, ARCHITECTURE and

SPORTS/PHOTOJOURNALISM. These are digital only with classes A and B combined. Any qualifying

Image in any of the regular categories may be re-directed to a special category. A Minimum of 20

Images must be entered to hold a special category competition. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards will

be presented well as Hall of Fame points awarded to the special category winners.

(5) SCORING - The three judges will score each entry from 5 to 9. Once an image has been removed from View the score cannot be revised. The high score will be the Leonard Victor Winner and the next two Highest scores will 2nd and 3rd respectively. In the event of ties there will be additional rounds until a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place is selected.

(6) LIMITATION OF AWARDS - No one person will be eligible to win more than one award in a given category. (You cannot win more than one award in, say, color prints but you may win an award in any or all of the other categories.)

(7) JUDGES - The 3 judges for the Leonard Victor Competition shall not be active members of any PFLI affiliated club.


(1) ELIGIBILITY - At the conclusion of the season an ALL STAR LIST will be compiled for each

category/class based upon the makers average for all entries in that category/class. To be eligible

you must have entered at least 5 images and averaged 23 points or better.

(2) AWARDS - There will be a first, second and third place plaque award in each category and class.


(1) ELIGIBILITY - To be eligible for the Hall of Fame a maker must accumulate 50 points over a minimum of a 5 year period. Points are awarded as follows:

For finishing in the top 3 on any "A" All Star List......................................5 points

For scoring a perfect 27 points in any "A" category ................................4 points

For winning a 1st, 2nd or 3rd "A" class Leonard Victor Award.........3 points

(2) AWARD - A commemorative plaque will be presented to all Hall of Fame inductees.


Before leaving a competition each club representative should make sure that they have all of their

own prints AND no prints from another club. Please contact the Competition Chairperson or any

executive Board Member in the event of any lost work.

The Competition Rules are designed to help PFLI competitions run more smoothly. If a violation of the

rules is detected, or in the event another photographer files a complaint, the PFLI Executive Board or

Competition Committee Chairperson will take appropriate action including disqualification of the

offending photographs from current and/or previous competitions. Most disqualification’s result

from photos being entered in the wrong class (I.E .A. in place of .B.) or by a person entering 2 or

more prints when they are entitled to only one. Unfortunately these mistakes are usually not caught

until it is too late to correct. Be careful.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding these rules please feel free to contact any member of the PFLI Executive Board or the Competition Chairperson.


Added special Leonard Victor categories.

Competition Rules

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